Monday, January 22, 2007

Rap Song, Rap Song...

The women show their butts and we all touch our ding dongs!


Lately life has been very up and down. Its up when I am not at work, and I am growing alot with the Lord right now. I love that! But I have been very unhappy at work not only with the position but also with the commercial construction industry. I just dont think that I am built to do this. I have been thinking alot about what is right for me and God has been reminding me that He created me just as I am, and that He loves me just that way. He isnt asking me to be a corporate anybody, but He gave me my own dreams and desires and my dreams and desires line up with His. That is why I refuse to give into the fact that this day that I am having today is exactly what I was made for. I would rather throw up blood than do this Job for the rest of my life. I am praying that God's will for my life will be the only course that I follow and that gives me peace in knowing that the Lord is a provider and that if I am following him, I couldnt be happier doing anything else.

On a lighter note, Jacob and I just watched SNL at my house during lunch and if you havent seen the Blizzard Sketch (Andy Samberg as a rapper) you should definately watch it because it is great.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Bamm Right in the Kisser

I love this picture because it makes me laugh. The artist name is David Shrigley and I have to credit Ben Volta's blog for turning me onto him a while back. If you want to see some seriously funny and ridiculous stuff go to