Sunday, April 30, 2006

I love the Lee's

I just ran across of this picture of my old neighbor Steve Lee. It made me remember all of the good times we had growing up together on Liberty Bell. We would spend every day play karate fighting, peeing over the fence and seeing who could pee the highest, numchuck fighting, playing atari, eating ramen and seaweed and rice, walking in the woods throwing rocks and building forts, or just running around harrasing each other. I cant leave out Mark. Mark was there in it all as well as Nate. But alas, we are all now grown and dont have as much time to climb trees. We have jobs, well Nate does, and I kinda do. I build houses but am in between projects. Mark is chillin the most being a brother in fayetteville, and Steve is making the children smile, the dolphins splash and the dominos tumble over in intricate designs while slowly rocking the babies to sleep as he climbs ladders into clouds, and tells them jokes so funny and tickling them until they laugh so hard that they cry. the tears fall to earth quenching its thirst and giving the birds a drink so that they can carry on flying and singing sweetly of his songs which can be found by clicking on the words. I PROMISE TO BUY YOUR CD STEPHEN SCOTT LEE.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Hallelujah its Raining Men!

MAZEL MAZEL GOOD THINGS!!!!! well i have had a full day. the above pic is right before skelly (the guy on the left) myself, and noons ( the guy on the right) went for a float down the neighborhood creek. it has been raining hard all day today and the creek that is normally about 6-12 inches deep was up past my belly. it was running hard, even had rapids at certain parts. we had an amazing time floating. we found an alligator snapping turtle and a baby armadillo. the baby was so cute, i didnt want to kick it which is a first for me and armadillos. well i just finished watching sigur ros streamed live from coachella. it was fab. they rock so hard that it makes me want to sleep. i cant handle it... to much power. well i dont know what else to say but Shalom.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

mtunes new music thursday

i just heard a new band that i really enjoy. the bands name is john van deusen and the lonely forest. you can check them out by clicking the word GNARDLY.
john is 18 years old and is talented. if we lived in bible times and i gave you money then you would have been talented also. you work for the bank, the bank works for me, ipso facto im your boss. gravity is an amazing thing to think about. its just an unseen force that is always being applied on us. i cant believe how people can believe in big bang and evolution and all that crap when there are things like gravity. i guess they just think that somehow our planet developed an atmosphere that is perfect for sustaining life and that it magicaly decided to have an invisable force that would hold everything perfectly in place and maybe while the spontaneous combustions were happening oxygen would develop and be the perfect mixture to allow the amoebamen that were slowly developing to sustain life from. what a bunch of doo doo brains if you ask me. pa alumni soccer game thursday may 11. be there or be absent from there. grimace was my favirote mcdonalds commercial character.

interior angles

well i am roasted right now. not drunk. just braindead. i spent way to much time in the books today and even took a final tonight. the picture above is of my roommates dog franklin. franklin got bit by a brown recluse. not all brown recluses are poisonious. i know a black guy named akmed who is totally a hermit. he bite me once and i had no weird side effects. i wonder what life would be like if there wasnt school. i mean would my last name be my job. i guess mine wouldnt since there isnt a job called perry. unless a perry is a pear picker or something. but what if my name was matt construction. essentially that is what names were back in the day right. smith was a blacksmith, baker was a baker, and leroy penister was a bad man! exclamation points are overused. if all of the punctuation marks were in a burning building and i could save just one i would save the tilday. it is a good mexican accent mark that looks like this:
i cant look at tildays without thinking of tacos. one of my biggest weaknesses is the spontaneous purchase. i have to stop it or it will be the end of me. if you ever see me buying something ridicoulous like a frog gig, stop me. i bought a frog gig about a month ago. i am looking forward to using it when it comes time but i really have no need for it right now. i know what you are thinking and yes i do know what the fastest animal on land is. good thing i am not being chased since i am overweight. tell me a story or a joke. if i like it i will be happy and smile, if i dont i will never mention to you that i didnt like it. that way you wont know the difference and you can remain ignorant to my feelings. i think that if God was here right now in a tangible flesh form he would slap me a high five and tell me that he digs me. i dig Him too

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

morning calls me

what do you get when you mix:
  • 1 part jose gonzalez
  • 1 part red wine
  • 1 part me
you get an ultimate chill session complete with purple teeth. i am sitting here wondering what it would be like if i was a transformer. i think it would be pretty sweet. i am trying to think what i would choose if i could have one part of my body transform. its a toss up between my lungs turning to gills, my arms turning to wings, or my fingers turning into mini bazookas. all 3 are sweet. i guess i will never know what the best is but would love to hear what yall would transform. when the morning calls i will rise for yet another day in my united states of whatever. if i got as mad at the morning as i do my friends for waking me up i would have some serious hate problems in my life.

to know me is to love me

El primero BLOG

OH BLOG how i love you. you sound like throwup. i bet you would be tasty served on a warm rectangle smothered in apple compote. a haiku:

i do wonder if
don quioxte ever tried
apple compote.

i named this blog punches and kicks because i like both of those foresaid items, both served and received. mainly served. i bet there is life out there in another galaxy. i wonder if we will get to be angels on the next go around if there is one. i have been taking pictures on the manuel setting of my camera lately. last night i couldnt sleep so i went outside and took a couple shots. here are two expressly for you. dont share them with your friends. pork chop sandwiches over and out.