Monday, May 29, 2006

Riverfest buttons and crazy legs

The night before last Kinsey and I picked up Andy and Amanda and headed down to riverfest. Lets take a few steps back. Riverfest is an annual celebration in Little Rock... whats it celebrate you ask? It celebrates the people who never appear in public except for the occasional Motley Crue concert. It celebrates the opportunity to some to drink to much and wear the addmission button on your nipple because shirts are for wusses. It celebrates family time, such as going to rock concerts with your parents as a teenager, or for the young ones getting walked around on a leash while big momma eats funnel cake after fried twinkie after footlong corndog and slams beers. This is Riverfest! This is Family Fun!

Above is a couple pictures of possible encounters that you could have at Riverfest.

Anyways back to it- So we headed down to riverfest. It was a fun evening that was accentuated by the kid next to me who rocked out harder than anyone possibly could to LIFEHOUSE. Not only did he know every word, but he mosdef felt the need to scream it in my ear and bump in to me. Partially entertaining, mainly intimidating. The fireworks display was delayed so we headed on our way.

On the way home we had to run past my bros house because I needed to let Tristan aka Crazy Legs Stan out of his kennel. Poor Stan who is a weinereater... i mean weimeraner slipped 3 discs in his back about a month back. He was playing at a crawfish boil down by the river when he started walking funny... kinda sad story but no one realized that he was slowly paralyzing himself. When he didnt get better they took him in and he had to have a major back surgery. He is suppossed to be in his crate for 8 weeks to allow the back to fully heal. He is halfway into the healing process but he is already without pain. So crazy legs is stuck in his kennel all day... when he gets out he tries to run but his muscles have been so weakened in his legs and back he can hardly control them. Its silly to watch but a bit sad at the same time. Pray for Crazy Legs!!

Saturday, May 27, 2006


its been a long time. first i need to apoligize to my blog. "im sorry for ignoring you for so long. its just that i got really busy and couldnt make time for you. then i was afraid that you were mad at me so each day it got increasingly harder to come to you. i didnt know how you would react. im sorry blog. i love you."

now that i have that out of the way we must continue...
I have a new job. Long hours, makes me tired, but i enjoy it.

The wedding is steady approaching and i like the idea of it all.

O ive got a call from a bear im going to take all of his honey. RUN AWAY!

what is the purpose of me sitting here and writing? is it for someone to know me better? is it to line by line voice unspoken thoughts without having to? is it a release of some kind that i dont know? i dont know.

maybe its about hungry hungry hippos. i just cant say right now. i do know that i am feeling a little like a man deprived of a good moment of utter craziness and spontenaity. i desire to do something amazing something different than anyone else. i want to be a nonconformist on my own terms. i want to be so nonconformist that sometimes i will just choose to nonconform to others nonconformity. i dont want to be a goth kid or anything.... i just want to make my own decisions.

a poem i found that i had written while living in guatemala:

pt. 1
Cleveland Park Jamboree
Making corn on the cob
watching the dogs bark.
i crushed it. all of it.
big ones, little ones
they are all gone.
white robes and a set
of golden sunglasses.
cant hold back
it will come just
like a gutterball
when a 6 year old is bowling.
biting my lip i yell back.
fingernails white
from clenched fists.
locust song sings
sweet with the smell
of cavendish smoke
from the old mans pipe.
relaxation covers my
lungs and circulates
through my body releasing
cold silver to run in
my veins, putting chill
bumps on the back of my neck.
the song ice ice baby is in my head.
i hate that song.

pt. 2
crushed underneath
the weight of a feather
our hero gets back up.
moans echo in the
canyons and valleys
and local shopping malls.
a tall order of flapjacks
is brought out at the
diner. paul bunyun.
didnt he have a blue ox?
retreat, run away
someone disturbed an anthill.
thats never good unless
you are into that sort of thing.
im not, but i knew a guy
who used to be.
the hot dogs are almost
done grilling and the
40's are ice cold,
life is good and malt liquor
is even better.
make sure you pour a
little out for the men
you dearly love.
nothing can hold down a
block party except for
a drive by shooting.
pray for the best. with love,

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dia de los Madres Ya se fue!

Mothers day is just about gone, and a good one it was. The day started with a great sermon at church by a visiting pastor named eric mason. He graduated from fellowship's program for pastors that plant churches and moved to inner city philly were he is a pastor. If you are interested in watching his sermon or just checking out a few minutes of it click HERE. go to sermons and it should be posted as the eternal makeover or something along those lines. After church Kinsey and I joined my brother over at my parents for lunch to celebrate my awesome mom and all that she means to us. I thought it would be funny to pull a little prank so i decided to write like my brother and give my mom a happy grandmothers day card and on the inside write "Surprise, Love Nate and Jen!" Jen couldnt make it because she has finals for pharmacy school tomorrow. anyways when she opened it she started freaking out which was hilarious until we made her flip the card over and on the back i had written just kidding, love matt. it was funny. i giggled. this evening kinsey and i decided to cook for her mom and and family. it was delish. lots of fun with the fam. later on whitney (kinseys roommate) got home from christophers graduation tonight. (her fiance) we were watching the leprechaun in mobile video and laughing. we noticed that she wasnt laughing and i assumed she just didnt think it was funny. it wasnt until a couple of minutes had passed that we realized she didnt get it when she blurted out "Whats a leprechaun? Isnt it some kind of Cat?" Amen.

Friday, May 12, 2006

PA Alumni Soccer Match is officially in the books

Another year gone by reminding me that my body is steadily getting older. Last night was the Alumni soccer match at my old high school. All it is really is a bunch of old guys that used to be good at soccer trying to come back and play against a bunch of young guys that are in shape and have played together all season. In the past the results weighed heavily for the Alum's but not last night. The Alumni team received its first loss since the creation of the event. It was quite frustrating but also lots of fun. All i can say is that i feel it today. I am hopeful that i will be in shape come this time next year, so that i can exact my revenge on those little punks. I included a picture of them so you can all see who we lost too. my favirote is the 2nd kid from the right on the top row giving himself a squeeze. i think it looks like my brother nate a little bit.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

a memory has been made

last night was glorious. jacob and i had yet another excursion that is not soon to be forgotten. about 6:15 yesterday i picked him up at his house to head to memphis to go see bonnie prince billy aka will oldham aka bpb. we were worried about getting to the show late since doors were at 830 and we figured he would be on about 9. the plan was to go and see the show then head back to town. we figured it would be a late night, possibly 1-2 in the morning. little did we know that we would be driving home in a torrential downpour, getting us home at 4:45 in the morning. i have never been the type to be nervous to walk up and talk to anyone ever. but i didnt know if i was ever going to be able to walk over and talk to will as he stood in the corner playing electronic poker in his flip flops and jorts before the show. after i finally did and he shook my hand and gave me a friendly smile i realized that he was down to earth and i relaxed. the opening band was simply horrific. i really didnt care for their music and most of you know that i am very open minded towards different sounds. jacob and i decided to walk around midtown and see what there was to see. we found a pretty cool alley and took some pictures there with the shutter open for a 10 sec exposure. we had a lot of fun doing that and playing cheez-it hopscotch. showtime rolled around and i began to freak out. the show last night was what i have been waiting on patiently for the last 3 and a half years. it blew my expectations away. he sang to the crowd softly and sweetly than commenced to rocking. his voice is gentle yet powerful and authoratative like none i have ever heard. after the show i got a pic taken with him (see above) and then he proceded to stand and voluntarily carry on a 20 minute conversation with jacob and i. highlights of the conversation included jacob asking him if he had the new alicia keys album, and him later telling us he really likes r. kelly and us not being able to tell if he was joking. will told us he would soon be touring under the name bonny billy and captain anomoanon. (rhymes with phenomonon) this group will be him and his brother and they are working on a bunch of songs that are all over 100 years old. im excited to see how it turns out. well i dont know what else to say other than it was simply amazing.

Sunday, May 07, 2006


it has been quite a busy week in my life. sorry for the lack of posts. i know everyone was just dying slowly inside from a lack of nourishment that can only be provided by punches and kicks. i am getting set to wrap up this semester of school. summer will soon begin and before it ends i will wed. my ideal wedding would have little people playing flutes, dressed as midevil jesters. they would dance around and play and sing. they would bow every time a guest passed and call them sir and madame. i would want to wear a kilt and a breastplate with my family crest on the front and a lion on the back. i would also carry a sword. at the reception i would drink mead and eat with my hands. there would be braisen lamb shank and slow roasted boar with a fruit chutney. fresh plums and wild berries in wooden bowls at every table. the air would be alight with the fragrance of primrose. you would hear laughter as all the guests danced and sang of the yesteryears. my bride and i would ride off on our faithful steeds. to alight for the first night on a bed of flowers and soft mosses. it would be most glorious. until later my brothers and sisters in arms

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ezekiel 16:6

"When I passed by you and saw you squirming in your own blood, I said to you while you were in your blood, 'Live!" Yes, I said to you while you were in your own blood, 'Live!'
The Lord has been telling me this over the last week. I find that it is very easy to live an apethetic life where the Lord has me right now. God has blessed me continually over the last years, to the point that from an outward perspective there really arent that many needs in my life that arent met. I have a comfortable living situation, I drive a car that runs, I have a fiance that loves me and that I will marry in August (God Willing), there is always food on the table, I am finishing up my college studies, I have job oppurtunities, etc. I am a happy person, I am healthy, I dont have any major family or relational problems with friends. Inspite of all of that I have led a somewhat empty life for the last 4 months. I have been realizing how empty I can be when I try to fill my days with perishable occurances. I need Jesus in my life as a place of refuge from the world and a place to replenish my love for Him. He is the only place of life. What I have woken up to each day has been existence. There was no substance, no texture, no taste. I am praying and asking the Lord to each day wake me and as I lay there in my own blood and filth to look at me and call me to LIVE!