Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog!!!

This blog although almost completely neglected is one today. I would like to do an experiment. I want to see how many people still look at this piece o' shit. Please if you look at this within the next week leave some sort of comment. It could range from a ridiculous request to the mere word bongo. I dont care. I just want to see if anyone still cares. If they do I will begin to write again. If they dont, then I will continue to bottle up my emotions and cry at night. I like poopsicles and rubberbands. When was the last solar eclipse? I bet it was longer ago than my last total eclipse of the heart. I am talking to Scram right now. He has a boner. and flipsyde wishes my blog a happy birthday too.


I love the word fight.
It makes my blood boil.